Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 Furnace Creek 508 - 2X_Thrasher

Thrasher's 508 continues:
"Hello and congratulations!"

"You have been selected to compete in the 26th Anniversary Furnace Creek 508 on October 3-5, 2009, “The Toughest 48 hours in Sport.” You are part of a select group who will participate in this world-famous spiritual odyssey through Death Valley and the Mojave Desert. We look forward to sharing the experience with you!"
My friend, Robert James, and I are riding this year's 508 as a 2-Man Team entry..
2009 2X_Thrasher


Kippe said...

Hey there cousin!

It has been a VERY long time. I am, and have been living at Mor's Mor's house for 12 years now! I have the same telephone number as she did. I would love to hear from you and your older brother!

Hang in there!

Tony James said...

Well you guy's are in about fourteen hours as I send this. 8.06 at TS2, It's 11:15 pm right now. I guess I'll be waiting for hopefully another 45 minutes or so until I see your TS3,Furnace Creek time.
Eric, I read your adventures in the 07' event, older and wiser i'm sure.
Rob, I hope everything is going as expected.
Tony James

Tony James said...

It's now 1:35 am, your elapsed time right now is 16:10, I've been reloading the AdventureCorp web page but they haven't updated it in almost two hours. Hopefully you have already reached the Furnace Creek check station. Good Luck, I'll check again in the morning.

Tony James said...

Good Morning guys, 16:51 for your third split, I knew as soon as I went to bed you would come in. Great ride so far.
The year you two spent training has got you here, keep it up.
Rob & Eric, San Jose is cheering for you...

Tony James said...

The first two soloist have now come in. First place at 29:10,I watched it on the web cam. AdventureCorp didn't post the results for over forty five minutes.
The elapsed time is now 50:25, I'm waiting for them to post your TS #4 Shoshone split.
Keep up the good work...

Tony James said...

OK, 28:30 into TS4, I'll be looking for you at Baker sometime around 8:30?
Twitter has posted that there were some pretty strong headwinds, Shoshone is reporting that the winds have now died down.
We're pullin for ya....

Tony James said...

Furnace Creek to Shoshone must have been brutal. There were six DNF's in that split!
You guy's made it, kudo's to your crew, I'm sure they worked for you through the night.

Tony James said...

Sorry, correction, 19 DNF's now..

Anonymous said...

You kicked ass to Baker, into Kelso at 8:16. It's now 11:10 pm, no further post from AdventureCorp web site.

Tony James said...

Great speed to ST7, almost 17 miles an hour! Only 57 miles to go (easy for me to say)
If I count right there are 31 DNF's now, You guy's are doing great!
I'm off to bed, you'll be finished by the time I get up. I can't wait to see how you finish!!

Tony James said...

Congratulations!!43:49:45, 4:45 am,unbealivable, you guys trained, dedicated a year of your lives to it (not to mention the money), fought the headwinds from hell, and FINISHED.
Eric, this was not your first time but this race had some unique challanges.
Rob, I'll have to ask you~ Are you going to do it again?
Again, great job, it was very cool sitting here reading the twitter updates, watching the live web cam at the finish line and seeing you two make each split.

Anonymous said...

Thrasher 2x -

Eric congrats on a good finish at the 2009 508 under some tough conditions - I hooked up w/ you briefly during a Winter Training Series ride in the late winter / early spring of 2009; riding early in the rain pays it's dividends in Oct!

JR (Pancake Tortoise)

Kevin said...

Can't wait to read your rendition of this year's effort. Was nice to finally meet you in person at check-in. Congratulations on finishing in those horrendous conditions!

Desert Coyote

Mikes said...

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